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SparkPost is the world’s first and only predictive email intelligence platform. As the #1 email delivery provider, we’ve unified email delivery with email deliverability analytics over the world’s largest data footprint. For more than a decade, SparkPost has empowered companies to optimize their email program by providing them with world class email expertise and real-time data at their fingertips.

The likelihood to recommend SparkPost Elite i that it appears to be designed for developers—it does not allow the creation and sending of emails from within the SparkPost user interface. If you're building a software system that needs to send emails, SparkPost is a great choice, but it is not a CRM. A concerned user summed it up this way: "I feel like I have egg on my face for recommending SparkPost to my clients after today. I can’t in good conscious recommend anyone use their service and by proxy this plugin."


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